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Charging Point Equipment

A variety of charging point equipment is available today that caters for Electric Vehicle charging needs on-street, at home or at work. This ranges from fast single phase and three phase ac to quick/rapid dc charging equipment.  


Fast Charging Equipment

Dedicated fast charging points typically loosely resemble an on-street bollard (when ground mounted) or a wall box similar to a hose reel (when wall mounted) and provide either a tethered Type 1 (SAE J1772) five pin plug or a socket(s) capable of accepting Type 2 (EN62196-2 compliant) seven pin plugs. Fast charging points usually provide 7kW power at 32 Amps.


EN62196-2 compliant Type 2 seven pin plug (above)

and charging point  socket (below)

SAE J1772 Type 1 five pin plug (above)

and vehicle socket (below)





Quick/Rapid Charging Equipment

Dedicated quick/rapid charging points typically resemble a forecourt petrol dispenser. The unit is comprised of high power electronics in a weatherproof housing with one or more heavy duty tethered cables and plugs (JEVS G105-1993 or JARI Level 3 and/or CCS Combo 2 for DC and Type 2 socket or plug for AC). Quick/rapid charging points provide between 20 and 70 kW DC power at up to 125 Amps and/or 22 to 43 kW AC power up to 63 Amps (per phase).


Dedicated Charging Equipment vs Household Three Pin BS1363 Connection

Using dedicated fast or quick/rapid charging equipment offers distinct advantages over using a standard three pin UK household connection (BS1363):

  • Safer - They can handle higher electrical currents for longer and are IP rated to withstand weather
  • Faster - A 32 Amp (7kW) single phase ac fast charging point can charge an EV typically twice as fast. A 50 kW dc quick/rapid charging point can charge even faster achieving 80% State Of Charge (SOC) in 30min. This is 12-13 times faster
  • Convenient - Fast charging points may contain additional features including a timer and energy meter to monitor electricity use and take advantage of lower rate night-time or EV tariffs. Quick/rapid charging points are being installed at strategic locations throughout the UK allowing EV users to extend their range without inconvenient overnight stops
  • Futureproof - Fitting a dedicated charging point with a high capacity connection will ensure future upgrades to higher power faster chargers is made easier
  • Connected - Charging points (depending upon their type and location) can be connected to a Charge Point Management System (CPMS; please see the Plugged-in Midlands CPMS homepage here) that provides charging data capture and allows users and charging point hosts to monitor charging. This system can also inform users where charging points are
  • Installed and maintained - Many charging point and energy suppliers offer products that include installation and care packages taking the stress out of owning a charging point


Please select from the options below to find out more about charging point products that are relevant to your needs:

I own an electric vehicle and wish to fit a charging point at my home

I am an employer and wish to procure charging points for the workplace

I am a public authority or business and wish to procure charging points for on-street locations or public car parks

I am a public authority or business and wish to procure a DC Quick charging point for a public or private car park